Make Up Application for Mature Skin

Your Skin Comes First
The first rule to makeup is to make sure your skin is in tip-top condition. The better your skin, the less makeup you’ll need. If you keep your skin well-hydrated and exfoliated and you may be able to get away with little more than under-eye concealer, mascara and lip balm every day.

The Secret Lip Plumper
You may notice that as you get older, your lips seem thinner. To plump them up, I recommend lip gloss. Add a little colour first by filling in lips with a lipstick a shade or 2 darker than your natural lip colour, then add a dab of gloss on top and that is how you get instant plump lips !

Wedding & Portrait Photographers Ebony & Pearl Photography , Wedding & Portrait Photographers Ebony & Pearl PhotographyStay Away From Dark Lipsticks
Unless you have dark skin and plump lips, I recommend staying away from super dark lipstick, which ages everyone. Rosy reds and pinks are better bets. Choose colours that are natural shades, anything too artificial will age the lips.

Use Eye Pencils Instead of Liquid Liners
Eye pencils are softer than liquid liners, which can be harsh on aging eyes. To soften the line even more, smudge it with your fingers or use an angled makeup brush dipped in dark shadow as smudged eyeliner. Don’t line the inside of the eye if you have small eyes, it makes the eye appear smaller.

Make Your Eyes the Centre of Attention
Consider making your eyes the focal point of your face. This will detract attention from any fine lines or wrinkles. Enhance your eye colour with eye shadow shades that will make your eyes pop. Avoid choosing dark colours for mature skin, always choose light flattering colours. Taupe’s, light browns/golds, light pinks/peaches, creams and neutral shades work best.

The Brilliance behind Highlighter and Illuminators
I swear by highlighters to “lift” the face and instantly shave off a few years. There are many brands on the market that work well. They are great for getting rid of dark circles and highlighting the areas you want to show off! Liquid highlighters work best on mature skin.

photo3Don’t Overdo Your Makeup
Less is more when it comes to makeup for mature skin. You don’t want to pile on the foundation, the eyeliner and the heavy lipstick. Instead, you want to use highlighter pens, tinted moisturizers and a lighter touch with the shadow and lipstick.

Wearing too much of anything once your skin starts to age can make you look far older as the make-up sinks into the fine lines and wrinkles. So always think ‘less is more’!

Add a Pop of Blush to Your Cheeks
Too many women use blush incorrectly or not at all. A pop of blush on the apples of your cheeks can brighten a dull complexion. But the trick is to blend it well so it’s not obvious you’re wearing blush.

Use Creams Instead of Powders
Older women tend to have dry skin so using the correct make up can help the skin look dewy and at its best. Choosing creamy foundations and blushes work best on mature skin.

Eyeliner for mature skin

Eyebrow pencil is a great make up tool, define them well to capture the shape of your eyebrows. The older we get the more hair we lose, especially our eyebrows and eyelashes so a way to help this situation is A well-shaped eye brow and this can take away years. Try applying mascara to upper lashes only, to open the eyes and give a fresh look.

Brides Doing It Abroad – Sharon’s Guide to What You Need To Know

aoif_00Getting married abroad and not so confident in the MUA’s or beauty salons available locally?! Well don’t worry, you are not alone…

Many brides who decide to get married away have the same concerns particularly when you don’t have time for make up trials when you land! Whether you decide to do your own make up to save money or you just don’t have time or trust in researching make up artists over there – perfecting the look you want quickly and easily on your wedding morning is achievable when you plan ahead.


The first thing you will need to do is decide on the look you are wishing to achieve. Keeping it natural will make the application easier on you and is the ultimate blushing bride look especially in warm Countries. Also you need to take the heat into consideration-You will probably want to keep the layers at a minimum!  You may find inspiration in wedding magazines and from your favourite make up artists websites. Once you have found a look you like, take a photo with you to a MUA for a make up lesson, they will show you and advise you which colours and products they think have been used on the model and how you can replicate the look at home.


  • A natural radiant finish foundation suited to your skin type (i.e. either for oily, normal or dry skin)
  • Loose powder (needed only for oily and combination skins – this will prevent shine and help keep your foundation in place)
  • Concealer (to brighten under eyes and conceal spots and blemishes)
  • Your chosen eyeshadow palette
  • Soft kohl eyeliner, white is a great choice for bridal pictures!
  • Brown or black mascara. If you are expecting to shed a tear or two on your wedding day, you may opt for a waterproof mascara.
  • Bronzer/Contour,  blusher & highlighter
  • Lip gloss with a matching lipliner.  Although matt lipsticks can be longer wearing but can dry out your lips. Glosses give a much more flattering finish and can be re-applied much easier throughout the day. Applying a lipliner underneath the gloss will not only enhance the shape of your lips but help the gloss last longer!

Book a make up lesson with your MUA a couple of weeks before you leave for your destination. You can perfect the desired look you want on your wedding day all by yourself ! Although you may not have wanted the extra expense of paying for a lesson it will be far cheaper than paying to get your makeup professionally done on the day for your entire bridal party.

Your makeup artist will know which makeup products are best for your skin type and which will be the most photogenic for you! They can also offer advice on a skincare regime that you can do leading up to the big day to make sure your skin looks healthy and clear.

After you have had your make up lesson and purchased the items you need, make sure you practice the look a few times so that you will know exactly what to do on your wedding morning. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll get at perfecting the look. If you are having difficulty applying any of the products you can always go back to your make up artist for a recap.

It is important to look after your skin leading up to your wedding day so your make up will look flawless! Foundation does not sit too well on oily or flaky skin. While if you are prone to acne and shine you will want to do everything you can to avoid a breakout on the day.

If your not sure on how to look after your skin ask a skincare specialists in your local pharmacy, they will guide you what to use on your skin type. If you are not used to exfoliating or using masks make sure you start doing it in good time before your wedding so that your skin gets used to it and doesn’t have any bad side effects! Avoid starting any new skincare products too close to the wedding incase of skin reactions.


  • Allow enough time to do your makeup on the morning.
  • Your lipgloss or lipstick is the product which will need re-applying throughout the day so remember to take it with you.
  • If you have oily skin, you may want to take some blotting pads and powder with you to absorb shine later in the day.

If you would like more advice, feel free to contact Sharon for a one-to-one session, or sign up to one of my upcoming mastersclasses. 

The Do’s and Don’ts on Your Wedding Make Up Trial

Planning for your big day takes weeks, months and some cases even years! Part of the planning is choosing the right make up artist, and it’s often quite the tricky decision for most brides so I’ve pulled together some of my top tips for choosing the best MUA for your big day!

The DO’S

  • Talk to your make up artist! Discuss your make up likes & dislikes. She does not know your style unless you talk things through.
  • Be open to suggestions! Your MUA will discuss & tailor the perfect look for you if you need guidance (once you have discussed your likes/dislikes!)
  • Collect make up pictures you like and bring them along to your make up trial! Identify what it is you like about the make up in the images. Take into account your skin colour/type/tone-you may not look exactly like that picture ! Your MUA will customise that look just for your skin colouring/type!
  • Think about your facial features, what you would like emphasised ? Would you like to focus on your eyes, lips, cheekbones or brows !
  • Consider wearing white on your make up trial, you will see how the make up looks against pale colours. Take pictures in the daylight to see how it looks!
  • Book your make up trial for the morning time/afternoon. You will see your make up at its best in the daylight, plus you get to wear your make up for the entire day so you will see how it wears throughout the day & evening!
  • Wearing fake tan on your wedding day? Then I would suggest having a test run before your make up trial so both you & your MUA can see exactly what colour your skin becomes with your tan!
  • Consider individual lashes- they give a beautiful finish to your eyes. Not only will they stand out but they create a natural fluttery look!
  • Trust your MUA! Remember your wedding make up is going to look different to your every day make up as you will need enough colour to compensate for the paleness of your wedding dress. You may find it difficult to visualise your beautiful dress, your hair & make up on your big day but your MUA will know if you need that extra bit of colour to make your look complete!

photo 2


  • Don’t have your make up trial done under overhead fluorescent lighting. It is artificial lighting & does not show your make up at its best. Arrange a time in the morning/afternoon when it’s daylight!
  • Don’t let your MUA hijack your look! When it is very tempting to say ‘Do what you think!’ I advise talk your likes/dislikes through. The last thing you want is your future husband to not recognise you at the altar!
  • Don’t over do it !! Your make up does not need to be plastered on for your photos, it will be obvious ! Ensure your not too oily on your t-zone by using blotting powder!
  • Don’t follow anything too trend-led ! You will have your professional photos for life so best to avoid statement looks you had seen on the latest catwalks! Instead choose classic/ vintage looks which will be timeless!
  • Don’t overkill your eyes. Define your eyes but avoid using dense shades which can be very dull & sunken.. Avoid overly shimmery textures too as they can reflect badly against cameras!
  • Don’t be scared of colour on lips. Neutral pale lips can look washed out in photos. If you want to play down the lips I still recommend 2 shades brighter than your natural lip colour! Pink, Rosie and Plums are a classic choice!
  • Don’t rush ! Allow plenty of time for each make up application when planning your MUA’s time of arrival on your wedding day.
  • Don’t start facials a week or two before your wedding day! You may bring out impurities or pimples your skin does not need.
  • Don’t pluck/wax/tint/tweeze a day or two before your big day. You may take a reaction to products so be sure all of this prepping is done in good time! It is also recommended to be defuzzed on your make up trial day too! After all you want your make up to look like it will be on your wedding day.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your MUA what you like/dislike-they can fix it if you tell them! Remember it is very easy for your MUA to remove make up or simply add something else! They will not know unless you tell them!
  • Don’t let too many people influence your opinion- the only one that counts is yours!

photo 4
On your Wedding Day – a few handy tips!

  • If you are considering a strong lip for your wedding day make up- are you prepared to touch up throughout the day? Just take note that this look requires upkeep.
  • I highly recommend you have your lipstick/lipgloss colour you are wearing with you on the day (your bridesmaids job!) as you will need to top up your lips throughout the day as the cameras are always there !
  • If you have oily skin I recommend having a blotting powder with you to control the shine!
    Always use waterproof mascara !
  • Another product to have near by is concealer-in case you shed a few tears on your special day & are using tissues being used, obviously then you may need to reapply around your nose/eye area!
  • Some ladies like to reapply their blush to freshen up before they make their grand entrance into the reception room with their brand new husband !

* You may not need to use these products mentioned above but it is better to have them near by just in case..

Luscious Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Pucker Up: Tired of trying soooo many shades of red lipstick but still never getting the one that works for you? You can listen to rules about overpowering colours and undertones of pinks or oranges/hints of this and that etc…..well, take it from this MUA: there are NO rules to Red Lipstick!! There are boring guidelines though……

You can actually wear whatever red lipstick you want to. What you do want to take note of is whether you are looking for your red lipstick to work in ‘harmony’ with your skin type OR if you are looking to create a ‘statement’ with your look.

How to choosing your Red Lippy to go with your skin type

photo 2Fair Skin

Coral-y reds look most beautiful on you; they add a shot of colour but aren’t overpowering.For the bold look opt for a fiery red hot lip

Shades for Fair Skin/ Coral Red Shades:

  • Maybelline Stay with me Coral
  • Nars Beautiful Liar
  • MAC creamsheen Crosswires

Fiery reds:

  • MAC Lady Danger

Medium Skin

photo 3Anything from true red to pinky undertone red shades will work well with your golden undertones. Going for the fierce look try cranberry reds!

Shades for Medium Skin/ Pinky Red Shades:

  • Maybellines colour Sensational Lip-colour ‘Are you in    the red-dy’
  • MAC Ronnie Red
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Mat Lipstick-Raspberry Syrup

Fierce red:

  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick-Cranberry

photo 4Dark Skin

Stick with deep, rich colours like burgundy or blackberry. For a head turning look, choose warm red brick shades for a pop of colour!

Shades for Dark Skin/ Berry Red Shades:

  • Rimmel London Matte Finish Lipstick 107
  • MAC Rebel
  • Revlon ‘Burgundy Red’

Head turning:

  • Nars Heatwave

photo 5All skin types

You can choose a true red which is universal to all skin types & colours ! These shades of lipstick have undertones of blue & in my personal opinion are by far the most FABulous on everyone ! STATEMENT !

Shades for Every Skin Type / True Reds:

  • Maybelline ‘On Fire Red’
  • MAC Ruby Woo
  • Make Up Forever Rouge Natural N45

For Harmony & Statement looks below is a handy guideline:


Whatever you get up to this Valentine’s Day, make sure you chose a suitable lippy to match your skin tone and your date!

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

– Coco Chanel






Smokey Eye Bridal Beauty – Get the Look by Make-up Artist Sharon McCormack


Beautiful bride Lorraine Melia loves her make-up and wanted “a little bit more” than the natural look for her wedding day. Make-up Artist Sharon McCormack did just that using a gorgeous palette of purples to create a sultry eye paired with beautifully matte skin and a gorgeous plum lip to complement this soft smokey eyed look. Here Sharon tells us how she achieved the look and what tools you need to do the same!


How to Achieve Lorraine’s Look:

Skin – I prepped Lorraine’s skin with a primer from The Body Shop to create a healthy base. The foundation I used was MAC Studio Fix, a natural matte finish with medium-buildable coverage, a comfortable and long wearing foundation.


Eyes – For Lorraine’s sultry look I used MAC Brule as the base, its matte finish creates a neutral base and makes blending easier, I cover the entire lid up to the brow bone with this. I used MAC Sketch into the socket line blending it over the lid, this creates a deep socket line and contours the shape of the eye bringing out the natural feature of the eye. I also used MAC Blackberry lightly over the lid and above the socket line creating a perfectly harmonised blend of colour. Finally for the shadow, I lightly dusted MAC All That Glitters on top of the eye lid which opens up the eye.

I blended MAC Sketch underneath the eyes to create the sultry smokey eye and this also defines the eye giving it great shape. I used MAC Fascinating eye pencil into the waterline – this bright shade opens the eye, reflects nicely with the natural white in the eye creating a brighter eye for a daytime look. To line the upper lash line, I used Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel in black, this emphasises the lash line without being too dramatic, and also has a beautiful finish to create a subtle impact to the eyes.

mac-sketchTo finish Lorraine’s eye make-up I applied full strip lashes, adding layers of black mascara to complete this luscious look!

Cheeks – To bring a hint of colour into Lorraine’s look, I applied MAC Warm Soul, a sunkissed colour and MAC Danity, a subtle coral shade, these colours combined worked brilliantly with Lorraine’s skin tone. I applied MAC Soft & Gentle on top of her cheekbones to lift & emphasise her natural cheek bone features.

mac_odyssey001Lips – Choosing a lip shade for Lorraine was simple, she wanted “  that little bit more” so instead of neutral/pink shades, I opt for MAC Odyssey which is a spiked up plum shade. I topped her lipstick with a gloss called MAC Pop Mode, this is a plum mix with bronze shimmer. These colours worked so well with Lorraine’s skin tone and colouring bringing out her beautiful features.

Lorraine’s Finished Look!





View more pictures from this wedding in my Portfolio section.


4-Week Makeup Course in Sligo [BOOKED OUT]

makeup2Get the Essential FESTIVE Make Up looks in time for the biggest Party Season this year !!

Learn how to recreate all the hottest looks of the season at Sharon McCormack’s 4-week makeup course in Sligo Town.
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Week 2:
All about the Eyes- Create natural, smokey and gorgeous colour looks.
Week 3:
Vintage Looks- Learn the liquid liner technique, dramatic brows and master the perfect red lipstick application!
Week 4:
Dramatic- Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle !! Finish the course with a contemporary festive smokey eye using pigments to make yours eyes sparkle, also complimenting the look with some daring lipstick shades! Anything goes !!

Date: Nov 19th & Nov 26th and Dec 3rd & Dec 10th
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