The Benefits of wearing cream make up

All you need to know about Cream Make Up

The Benefits:

-Easy & quick application

-Creates a fresh natural youthful appearance

-Looks great on all skin types

-Leaves your skin looking hydrated, glowing and dewy

-No cracking, caking or sitting into fine lines

-Easily touched up!


I am a big fan of cream based make up for your everyday quick looks! If you are busy like most of us and you don’t have time for a full face of make up but yet want to make a little effort then the cream products are perfect for you!  Application can be so quick and these products need very little skill!  They are easily applied and you can use your hands & fingers, brushes are not essential! Cream products really leave your skin looking hydrated and fresh!  Great for all skin types but especially for dry/mature skin. It really brings back a natural dewy look to your skin!



Cream foundation will give your skin a more smooth and youthful appearance. The make up does not set, crack or cake on the skin! The cream texture almost sits on your skin and moves with it giving it the freedom to breathe. Suitable for all skin types especially dry and mature skin. The cream foundation will minimise wrinkles and fine lines which we do not want emphasised! Overall a beautiful fresh finish!

My favourites:        Bobbi Brown stick foundation   &  MAC studio tech foundation






Eye Shadows

Most of the cream eyeshadows have a glossy or satin base. The cream eyeshadow doesn’t need much work with application, it is very easy to apply using both fingers or brushes. It is creaseless and that makes it good for dry or mature skin as it doesn’t crack!

My favourites:    Stila Glow & Glitter liquid eyeshadows  and  Giorgio Armani eye tint liquid eyeshadow






Cream blushes are very moisturising and dewy. They give a youthful and natural appearance. Apply light layers with your fingers or synthetic brush! Great product on dry or mature skin.

My favourites:       Stila convertible colour   &   MAC blush creme






A cream bronzer has a natural sheen due to its cream texture. It leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh To give a subtle appearance apply light layers and build up to desired contour look!

My Favourite:   Benefit Hoola quickie contour stick






A cream highlighter creates a fab subtle glow that is very natural looking. Cream highlighters are never shimmery! Great for dry skin or any skin seeking a natural dewy appearance

My Favourites:     Sculpted by Aimee cream highlighters    &    Benefit Watt’s Up






Cream lipsticks are very moisturising and easy to wear. The waxy texture clings to your lips without creating dryness. The long-lasting formula is very smooth and looks great on! Ideal for women with smaller lips who are looking to create a fuller lip look!

My favourites:   MAC Satin, Cremesheen & Amplified lipsticks  and  Charlotte Tilbury k.i.s.s.i.n.g lipsticks

The Pro’s & Con’s to using both Cream & Powder make up products

Cream Make Up Pro’s

Cream Make Up Con’s

Easy to apply Eye cream shadows can crease
No brushes required-use hands only Can appear shiny especially if you have oily skin
Great for all skin types-esp dry/mature skin Not very blenable
Only need to use small amounts as highly pigmented Not as long lasting as powders
Leaves your skin with a hydrated dewy glow appearance You can’t apply creams on top of powders

Powder Make Up Pro’s

Powder Make Up Con’s

Creates a flawless matte finish Requires technique especially on the eyes
Easier blend especially eye shadows Can age the skin as powders can settle into lines & wrinkles
Make up lasts longer using powder Doesn’t appear as natural looking as the powder is obvious
Helps preventing creasing Can make dry skin flakey
Helps oily skin by absorbing oils from the skin Excess powders can make the skin look dry and dehydrated


If you like a natural, dewy youthful uber quick look then give this demo a try!

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No powders !! All liquid & cream based products.. A fresh natural look for all skin types especially dry/tired/mature skin! The dewiness really gives your skin a hydrated lift in all the right places! This quick simple youthful look takes minimum effort and can be applied with hands only! This glow can be achieved by everyone ! @bobbibrownuk vitamin enriched face base @sculpedbyaimee beauty base pearl @narsissist sheer glow foundation @lauramercier flawless fusion ultra-longwear concealer @benefit_ire Hoola quickie contour stick @stilacosmetics convertible dual lip & cheek cream in lillium @sculptedbyaimee champagne cream highlighter @giorgioarmani eye tint in sunset @benefit goof proof & gimme brows shade 3 @lancome hypnose in black @maccosmetics bombshell #makeupvideo #makeuptutorials #sharonmccormackmua #nopowders #allliquidandcream #glowy #dewyskin #naturalglow #quarantinenails #quarantineroots #lovewhatyoudo #sundayvibes #youthful #freshskin #hydratedskin

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Thank you for reading my little piece today! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe picked up a few tricks of the trade.

 Love, Sharon xxx

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